Our services

Gray's provide specialist installation and fabrication of LPG components and systems for cars that aren't catered for by mainstream LPG installers.

We're the first LPG installer dedicated to show, performance and hidden LPG systems. We understand that you don't want any old system bodged into the engine bay of your pride and joy, so we give you the chance to use this fantastic fuel with an installation that suits your car!

We can provide the following services:

  • Performance LPG conversions
    - LPG installations for modified engines, whether running high levels of boost, large displacements or high RPMs.
  • Specialist LPG engine builds
    - To make the most out of the higher octane LPG.
  • LPG only conversions
    - For people who want to be rid of petrol, full stop.
  • Hidden LPG
    - Installations that can't be seen!
  • Beautiful LPG installations
    - For show car owners that don't want LPG ruining the look of their engine bay.
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Why LPG?

LPG is a little known treasure in the car world. It's advertised as a green and cheaper alternative to petrol, but it's actually much more than that!

In most ways, LPG is in fact a better fuel for engines than petrol. We've all heard about the green credentials and it certainly is better for the environment, but that's not really what we are interested in. Not only is it half the price of petrol, but LPG is over 110RON so has considerable performance potential and can genuinely offer a higher power output from your engine, more safely, than petrol!